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UBS Puerto Rico Funds Lawyers

UBS Puerto Rico funds lawyers at Zamansy LLC are located in the heart of Wall Street.  Our attorneys have more than 60 years of collective experience representing clients against brokers, financial advisors, financial institutions and securities issuers.  Our prime Wall Street location has permitted our attorneys to develop an acute knowledge of how investment firms operate and relate to clients.

We are uniquely qualified to keep our eye on the pulse of the markets, to identify fraud and wrongdoing on the part of hedge funds and fund managers and to keep abreast of ongoing investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission that affect the rights of our clients.

UBS Puerto Rico Funds Lawyers Represent Clients Nationwide

Although our offices are located in the financial center of Wall Street, losses from investment fraud and dishonest investment practices are not restricted to New York.  Mutual funds operated out of Wall Street can have a profound effect on investors nationwide who trusted their financial advisors and who made investment choices based on a belief that their advisors would do what was best.

For many investors, the most recent and devastating investment losses came from Puerto Rico bond funds.  More than $70 billion in municipal bonds have been issued by the unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico and the commonwealth is having serious trouble paying these bonds amid stagnant economic growth and a troubled job market.

Investors throughout the United States, including state funds in Virginia, face serious and significant financial losses.  In some cases, investors have lost in excess of 15 percent year-to-date, because UBS Puerto Rico funds have been downgraded to near-junk status.  Potential concerns persist that Puerto Rico will default and have no choice but to declare bankruptcy, which will rock the bond market and deepen the losses suffered by investors.

Our UBS Puerto Rico Funds Lawyers Can Help

Our UBS Puerto Rico funds lawyers advise that many major mutual funds may have failed to follow risk management guidelines and may have failed to alert investors as to the risks involved in investing in Puerto Rico bond funds.  In addition, UBS allegedly encouraged many investors to buy on margin, effectively borrowing money to make heavily leveraged investments in Puerto Rico debt.

The losses may be significant, and our UBS Puerto Rico funds lawyers are filing FINRA arbitration cases on behalf of investors.  Many mutual funds are affected and are under investigation, including:

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