Money Market Alternative’ Ponzi Scheme

Zamansky LLC has launched an investigation into a potential Ponzi Scheme based in Ohio allegedly orchestrated by Enrique Villalbo, whose various investment firms may have duped investors by as much as $39 million.  His firms operated under several names including Money Market Alternative, L.P.; Money Market Alternative Ltd.; Money Market Plus; and Hybrid Money Market Management LLC.

Investors were promised annual returns of 8% to 12% using a dubious investment method Mr. Villalbo dubbed the “Money Market Plus Method,” and the “Momentum Filter.”  The SEC has already filed a complaint in Ohio federal court accusing Mr. Villalbo of defrauding at least 26 investors.

Zamansky LLC is investigating whether any of the investor funds remain and whether outside, third-parties aided and abetted Mr. Villalbo.  Ponzi Schemes are commonly aided by much larger financial institutions, which perform any number of functions including hosting accounts, and acting as custodians.  Large financial firms also have been found to have neglected their duty to oversee the illicit transfer of funds.

If you are a victim of the alleged fraud orchestrated by Enrique Villalbo, or are a customer/investor in of any of his businesses, contact Zamansky LLC here.  Consultations are free and completely confidential.

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