Zamansky LLC is a leading securities fraud law firm located in the heart of Wall Street. With more than 60 years of collective practice representing investors in arbitration and litigation cases against financial institutions and securities issuers, we are nationally recognized for our ability to aggressively prosecute cases and recover investment losses.

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Highly Skilled and Experienced Puerto Rico Investment Loss Lawyer

Zamansky LLC was founded with the single goal of recovering losses for investors arising from the wrongful practices of financial services firms and securities brokerages. Our decades of experience successfully handling investment and securities fraud cases and our institutional knowledge of financial industry practices are unsurpassed in the legal industry.

Zamansky LLC represents all types and sizes of investors across the United States and abroad, ranging from small, inexperienced clients to sophisticated, high-net worth investors and institutions.  We believe that all investors, regardless of their wealth or the size of their investments, have the right to be represented by first-class legal counsel when they are involved in disputes with their investment advisors.  When our clients have suffered financial losses due to the misconduct or fraudulent actions of their financial advisor, our attorneys aggressively prosecute these cases to quickly recapture investment losses.  To learn more about how we can help, contact a Puerto Rico investment loss lawyer at our firm today.

Our Law Firm Provides Cutting-Edge Legal Services

Zamansky LLC is a nationally recognized leader in the field of securities arbitration and litigation.  Our attorneys deliver cutting-edge legal services and we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of new and trending issues impacting investors across the United States and around the globe. Our law firm is frequently sought after by the media for our knowledge and expertise in handling investment and securities fraud arbitration and litigation cases.

Jacob Zamansky, the founder of Zamansky LLC, is widely regarded as the leading legal commentator on the UBS Puerto Rico funds cases.  News publications throughout Puerto Rico, including El Nuevo Día, have dubbed him a main supporter of the investors who have lost significant savings due to Puerto Rico bonds investments.  His extensive experience and desire to help those who have lost money because of investment fraud continue to make him a leader in bond fund prosecution.

We Have Established a Key Partnership with Local Legal Counsel

Zamansky LLC’s affiliation with the Puerto Rico bonds law firm of Maria Elsie López Adames gives us a distinct advantage when investigating and prosecuting claims involving the Puerto Rico bonds. Collaborating with this local firm allows us to combine our expertise, skills and resources to work toward recovering the millions of dollars investors have lost as a result of investing in these funds.

Our Law Firm Can Help You Recover Investment Losses – Contact a Puerto Rico Investment Loss Lawyer Today

At Zamansky LLC, our attorneys are passionate about what they do. They are relentless and will fight aggressively to recover the money you may have lost. Our firm is currently investigating claims throughout Puerto Rico and has filed Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration cases on behalf of investors who have suffered financial losses stemming from investments in UBS Puerto Rico bond funds.

If you are an investor who may have lost money from an investment involving a Puerto Rico bond, we encourage you to contact an experienced Puerto Rico investment loss lawyer at our firm immediately. We offer free consultations to investors who have experienced investment losses. Our attorneys will carefully evaluate your case to determine the legal rights and remedies that may be available to you.

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