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Puerto Rico Is Scrambling To Stay Afloat

Publicado: Oct 28, 2015 | Publicado en:

The Puerto Rico government is struggling to avoid defaulting on its debts. The next two months are critical for Puerto... View Article

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When Wall Street lures Main Street into investing in the risky stuff known as “structured products,” things don’t always end... View Article

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SEC Securities Fraud Enforcement Update: September 2015

Publicado: Oct 20, 2015 | Publicado en:

September 2015 has been a busy year for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC regularly publishes information about... View Article

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The sky is falling in Puerto Rico. For the first time, the Government Development Bank debt, purportedly “guaranteed” by the... View Article

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From professional athletes to everyday individuals, people from all walks of life need to be wary of the risks they... View Article

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Puerto Rico is Gasping for Air

Publicado: Oct 07, 2015 | Publicado en:

Puerto Rico and its bond funds are financially under water and quickly running out of oxygen. As regular readers of... View Article

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Many individuals who work for companies that offer retirement plans have virtually their entire life savings – or at least... View Article

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Puerto Rico Bond Fund Arbitration: Time Is Running Out

Publicado: Oct 01, 2015 | Publicado en:

It looks like the end of 2015 may be the end of the road for Puerto Rico. The island’s development... View Article

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